Is your employee misusing worker’s compensation benefits? Are your sales reps where they say they are? Is your nanny keeping your children safe? Let our Surveillance Specialists monitor activities and provide you with photographic evidence you need.

security services

Our Security Officers monitor and patrol your facility. They are prepared and equipped to react quickly and effectively to neutralize any threat to keep your employees, facilities and inventory protected.

witness interviews

We locate, interview and collect courtroom quality written, audio and video statements. Our investigators are trained in various interview techniques in both criminal and civil matters.


Is your spouse cheating? Our Family Services Specialists take specific steps to uncover the truth about infidelity. We provide evidence you need to make an informed decision about your relationship.

background investigations

We offer a complete range of personal & professional background investigations. We research & uncover pertinent, relevant information for prospective executive level employees, business partners, nannies, & more.



Reduce or terminate your maintenance payments. We conduct thorough, multifaceted investigations to collect the evidence you need to prove your ex-spouse is cohabiting.

executive protection

Let our military & law enforcement trained Executive Protection Specialists protect your greatest assets. Our clients include corporate executives, athletes, judges, prosecutors, politicians, & celebrities. We also provide services for families of prominent individuals.

data extraction

Our Forensic Examiners recover data from your computer, cell phone, Ipad, tablet, notebook or GPS device. Our examiners also provide in depth data analysis options to assist you in identifying the specific information you need.

undercover operations

Reduce expenditures due to employee theft, embezzlement, counterfeiting & policy violations. Whether monitoring 1 employee or investigating a complex multi-location scheme, our experienced Undercover Operatives will uncover the information you need.

GPS Monitoring

gps monitoring

Premier Intel specializes in complete package solutions for vehicle GPS tracking. We monitor fleet vehicles, family vehicles and much more. You no longer have to worry about where your most valuable assets are.

evidence collection

Let us collect the evidence you need to prove your case. We use legal, ethical tactics to collect and maintain the chain of custody for the physical, photographic and documentary evidence you need.

locate / skip trace

We utilize several resources to locate current addresses for defendants, witnesses, debtors and relatives. We make every attempt to confirm the information is accurate and current.